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The Coaching Parlour Podcast with Danielle M. Holdman, CPC is a metaphysical and self-help podcast centered around spiritually infused practical chatter in relation your life's journey, and how you can leverage it for total fulfillment spirtually, emotionally, mentally, and physically! Brought to you buy and this podcast’s intention is help you become a savvy alchemist. Think about it as personal and professional development for your SOUL and it's journey on this planet! Topics include Mind-Body-Heart-Soul, motivation, empowerment, inspiration and how it influences opportunities and obstacles, metaphysical and arcane arts topical interest, tarot, astrology, deity talk, Universal/Spiritual Laws, advice, interviews, intuitive readings, various resources, tools, meditations, insights and successes from The Coaching Parlour Community & more are incorporated in The Coaching Parlour Podcast! For a free 7 step course on how to discover and define your purpose! By signing up you will also be joining The Coaching Parlour community and receiving a free monthly planning guide to help you manifest milestones, and reach you closer to your personal and professional goals!
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Mar 14, 2016

Known as The Small Biz Swiss Army Knife, Alaia Williams joined The Coaching Parlour podcast to talk about, Mindful Planning, Resources, Running your  Business & Career, and oh yeah…the X-Files Reboot!

In this episode of The Coaching Parlour podcast had a very left brain and time management & productivity conversation with Alaia Williams Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Networker, TV Junkie, and founder of annual conference and podcast, At The Helm!

Join us as we converse about the importance of embracing  a weekly planning routine that will help you become more productive, happier, and bring you closer to the results you are aiming for in addition to...

  • On a Mental, Emotional, and Physical level, What Alaia believes prevents people from getting to the heart of their tasks and getting it done.
  • How one Identify that breakthrough to help them change their habits/behaviors to help them optimize their time and tasks, and eventually reaching their goals.
  • How an individual can create an efficient systems that allows them to get the most out of job searching, networking, and their role as an employee, or small business owner.
  • Her thought process when she created The Next 12 Months Planner
  • Tips on how one can optimize the planner, such as the monthly review, weekly planner, Marketing Tracker, annual review etc.


...and more!

About Alaia Williams


Alaia Williams is a business operations strategist, speaker and community cultivator. She connects business owners with the exact resources they need to optimize their business and life. As the creator of The Entrepreneur Connection (a 900 member strong networking group in Los Angeles), Alaia knows first-hand that when people connect in community to learn and grow, their businesses get exactly what they need to thrive. The Entrepreneur Connection has garnered support from Delivering Happiness, HP, GE, Amex OPEN, and The Microsoft Store.

As the Founder of the At the Helm: Women in Biz Conference, Alaia brings her leadership experience of coordinating over 150 business events that have been attended by thousands of small business owners and professionals to the national forefront. Her passion to serve women business owners has led her to create a national At the Helm meetup tour and launch the At the Helm Podcast in 2013.

She has often been referred to by many as the “Small Biz Swiss Army Knife.” When she’s not creating connections that count with her conferences, she’s helping her clients create practical business systems, identify new revenue and growth opportunities, and create and execute their social media strategies.

Alaia can also be found center stage speaking or training in her areas of expertise. She has spoken at the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference, Ladies Who Launch, Charles Schwab, Podcast Movement, Raytheon, and more. She has also been featured in two books, Twitter Power and In Belly of the Fail Whale.

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